For the past few days there has been a “news” item on TV. About an actor’s tirade on his daughter. That made me wonder if there was any parent in the world who has not yelled or been angry at one’s kid?!? Is it wrong to shout at a kid when he/she does something wrong? I pity that actor when he is scrutinised for something that every other parent would have done sometime or the other. Being a celebrity must be a pain. I don’t think I want fame if I have to be infallible.
There must be so many things where everyone has an opinion and not all of them are on the same page. When my son was born, I had to hold him on my chest, sit propped up on pillows to make him sleep and stay that way. The minute I put him down on his back, he would wake up. Then an old lady I met asked me “Why don’t you put him to sleep on his tummy?” My answer was I had been advised to make him sleep on his back to avoid SIDS. She scoffed and said “New fangled moms! In our day, there were so many kids who were put to sleep on their tummy. After a few years, they will say it is fine to put the kid to sleep on their tummy….” She happened to be a retired nurse. That did not make me put my kid on his tummy…though it did make me think that we play too much by the rules sometimes. Rules set by other people even in parenting. This was one of the first opinions I got on parenting style… Time went by and I learnt to pick what advise worked for me and did what I felt was right for my son and still do so. Hope that what I choose to do is right…. Isn’t that what most parents want in the end? Their kid should turn out good.
I understand that there should be laws to protect kids against abuse and do whatever to keep them healthy….but there are times when I feel that we push this too far when we think that every parent is out there to abuse the kid. When we think that every time we discipline the kid, it is going to affect them psychologically. I am no psychiatrist, but I feel that a balance of love and strictness is what is required in parenting. I , when growing up, always remembered the show down or punishments I got when I did something wrong; that did stop me from repeating or doing something else to irritate my parents. Did my best atleast 😉
Well…I am going on and on and can go on…let me stop this headtrip!

Why do I do this to myself?

I try workout atleast 4 times a week. I generally avoid Wednesday at my gym. This week, decided I should not do so and went in. 50 minutes of kicking, punching, squatting, lunging, resistance training!! Next day my butt was sore! It hurt so much. A sane person might have rested….but telling myself that determination and perseverance helps, I went for working out. Another 50 minutes of gruelling work out. Icing to the cake, had to do some grocery after the work out (I know ! yuck!!still…) I park the car in the driveway and could not get out. With great difficult lugged my shopping and myself to the door. I just wanted to sit in my doorway not wanting to climb the steps to get into my home!! Today my hamstring muscles, I think, are on a strike. They don’t want me do anything! Thank God! Today is a rest day – no workout!
Now why do I do this to myself? I found out I was not alone in enduring this pain…all those who came to the work out (including the instructor) were sore! LOL! That set me thinking why any of us do this?
I started this because I wanted to lose weight. Get to the weight I was when I got married ( a Herculean task I might add) My family has been supportive and they do tell me that I should do it for myself and not to fit into those jeans! “Friends” remarking that I could lose a few pounds or that I look “chubby” would send me into those spiralling depression moments(?!?). Decided I must do something about it and embarked on this.
The work out has been great though. I should thank people who unknowingly have pushed me into this. It is a stress reliever !! 🙂 Hope it helps finally in my pursuit.
Then again to the question…is it worth the pain? Is it worth pushing oneself? Why am I really doing this? For me? To look like those models who wear skinny jeans and look fabulous? For people around me??
I know the answer should be for me to be healthy, look and feel good. ..but who am I kidding? Again it boils down to being accepted and appreciated by those around us right? Am I alone in this thought?

My first written headtrip :)

As I sit here in front of my machine, I was wondering what makes us want so much to be acceptable to all around us! Wny should I justify my opinions if they happen to differ from a friend’s? Why does one feel offended if the other person does not accept/acknowledge one’s point of view? We talk about the world being diverse and that being the beauty of it…but when it comes to something, we want all to be on the same page. To be honest, I am as guilty of it as I am a victim of this. I guess as long as we can debate it out without carrying it along, it is fine. My peeve is that people carry it too far. Just when you don’t expect it, you are blamed for something you said (might not remember you did!) long after you did! Maybe it is just me. Maybe I tend to be too forceful with my opinion and stand by them. I am also a person who accepts when I am wrong. What irks me is why don’t people see that side of me? They just see me as a person who is headstrong. I guess I am back to the question of why do we crave to be accepted by all! 🙂 Well someday I hope each of us is comfortable with ourselves and others around us.