My first written headtrip :)

As I sit here in front of my machine, I was wondering what makes us want so much to be acceptable to all around us! Wny should I justify my opinions if they happen to differ from a friend’s? Why does one feel offended if the other person does not accept/acknowledge one’s point of view? We talk about the world being diverse and that being the beauty of it…but when it comes to something, we want all to be on the same page. To be honest, I am as guilty of it as I am a victim of this. I guess as long as we can debate it out without carrying it along, it is fine. My peeve is that people carry it too far. Just when you don’t expect it, you are blamed for something you said (might not remember you did!) long after you did! Maybe it is just me. Maybe I tend to be too forceful with my opinion and stand by them. I am also a person who accepts when I am wrong. What irks me is why don’t people see that side of me? They just see me as a person who is headstrong. I guess I am back to the question of why do we crave to be accepted by all! 🙂 Well someday I hope each of us is comfortable with ourselves and others around us.


2 thoughts on “My first written headtrip :)

  1. Seems almost like I’m reading about myself. My biggest peeve is a “discussion” gone wrong or long.

    I myself am very opinionated and headstrong and see nothing wrong with sticking to what I believe in as my principles. I too have very many people around me who can’t seem to digest that or live with that. Well it’s just too bad 🙂

    Now as I am moving into my late 20’s, am learning that I dont have to justify myself to anyone else but me, and if somethings that I do are not acceptable by all, then so be it.

    Its our happiness and being in peace with ourselves that matters the most.

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