For the past few days there has been a “news” item on TV. About an actor’s tirade on his daughter. That made me wonder if there was any parent in the world who has not yelled or been angry at one’s kid?!? Is it wrong to shout at a kid when he/she does something wrong? I pity that actor when he is scrutinised for something that every other parent would have done sometime or the other. Being a celebrity must be a pain. I don’t think I want fame if I have to be infallible.
There must be so many things where everyone has an opinion and not all of them are on the same page. When my son was born, I had to hold him on my chest, sit propped up on pillows to make him sleep and stay that way. The minute I put him down on his back, he would wake up. Then an old lady I met asked me “Why don’t you put him to sleep on his tummy?” My answer was I had been advised to make him sleep on his back to avoid SIDS. She scoffed and said “New fangled moms! In our day, there were so many kids who were put to sleep on their tummy. After a few years, they will say it is fine to put the kid to sleep on their tummy….” She happened to be a retired nurse. That did not make me put my kid on his tummy…though it did make me think that we play too much by the rules sometimes. Rules set by other people even in parenting. This was one of the first opinions I got on parenting style… Time went by and I learnt to pick what advise worked for me and did what I felt was right for my son and still do so. Hope that what I choose to do is right…. Isn’t that what most parents want in the end? Their kid should turn out good.
I understand that there should be laws to protect kids against abuse and do whatever to keep them healthy….but there are times when I feel that we push this too far when we think that every parent is out there to abuse the kid. When we think that every time we discipline the kid, it is going to affect them psychologically. I am no psychiatrist, but I feel that a balance of love and strictness is what is required in parenting. I , when growing up, always remembered the show down or punishments I got when I did something wrong; that did stop me from repeating or doing something else to irritate my parents. Did my best atleast 😉
Well…I am going on and on and can go on…let me stop this headtrip!

2 thoughts on “Parenting…

  1. It certainly is not wrong to be strict and correct a kid who does wrong. But I think in this case the kid did no wrong except being caught amidst this crazy custody battle between two people who bitterly hate each other. Thats why it was questioned.

    The father yelled at the child not because the child did anything wrong, but merely used his child to vent out his frustration, anger and fury directed at his ex-wife and everyone else who is driving him crazy in this process.

    I do feel very sorry for him just because, it is the most excruciating pain being away from your child and having a court determine what is good for your own child (your life). That is the very sad part.

    I hope things settle down soon atleast for the sake of the child caught in all this celebrity bullshit!

  2. Oh yeah! I get that she is caught in a custody battle and all…was just going on with the same thought process and ranted away. This event was kinda the last straw…saw an article in the Costco magazine about whether there should be laws against spanking et al….and a few discussions here and there about how, & when one should discipline one’s kid!

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