Going green?!

I recently read a blog where the blogger had quite eloquently put it that celebrities better not push going green and telling others how small changes like going for a different bulb helps. She had gone on to say that they own private jets, islands and build mansions destroying the natural habitats on the lands….
I do accept her reasons….yes..it sounds like hypocrisy when someone who flies private jets alone and gives away gas guzzlers for ratings. Then again, we should accept that global warming and other environmental factors that have been written/talked about are real. We should know that every little gesture helps and counts. So, however hypocritical the celebrities might be, if they can get some of their hardcore fans to change their ways in a little way…it is good. It would be great if everybody did their bit, everybody went for green cars and green solutions for their home, nurture one plant including the celebrities. It would be great if they set a good example to follow.

Question is : should they “really shut and stop making this a popularity contest. Don’t use your public image until you are ready to make sacrifices” I personally don’t think so. Every little bit helps. We do hear about some celebrities who do follow what they preach, own hybrid cars etc..,
She mentions the pontiac car giveaway by Oprah…yes, it was totally not helping in going green…but someone who has followed what Oprah has done or is to this extent should also know about the reach this woman has. She featuring something on the show makes that particular product fly off the shelves…just because she featured it. Donations pour in to help when she asks for them. So, if her talkshow episode is about making small changes…and that makes her viewers change….well, good for all of us in the end right?
I too get worked up on the hypocrisy bit…however, if they make people change….let that go on. They don’t need to shut up. “The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.- Nathaniel Branden” So if these celebrities create the awareness…does that not help??

One thought on “Going green?!

  1. First of all thanks for doing a follow up on my blog. Getting a conversation started is precisely what I want to do 🙂

    Well, I kinda agree on what you say also. Yes, if celebrties can sway even one or two of their fans it surely helps.

    But what bugs me and thats what I talked about in one of my comments also is :

    Lets say a celebrity gets 5 of his/her fans to make a change. These 5 people(who are not quite rich) put in the effort of spending extra money in buying a more expensive “green” light bulb just because they beleive what that celebrtiy they ‘adore’ propogates .

    It is not fair to negate all the efforts put in by the 5 fans or the rest of the people who go out of their way and beyond their means to go “green” , by not making any sacrifice yourself and even worse making their sacrifice almost worhtless by flying a jet on a personal errand. To me thats unaccceptable and That is whyI sometimes unable to bear the hypocrisy say things like “shut up”.

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