The lashing tongue!

Came across this quote “The tongue is like a sharp knife -kills without drawing blood – Buddha”. How true!! One definitely needs to think how one’s words would impact the other person!!
There is many a time when I have been so hurt by some people’s statements. Driven to extreme depression only to hear from them or someone else that they really did not mean it. I just hope to God that I have not hurt anyone by my words. I apologise to anyone who might have been hurt by me at any time….though I know that this apology will not really help if the impact is really bad! Experience speaks!
Just putting it out there that I hope to be more thoughtful before I utter anything. Hope to be more encouraging and appreciative and less hurtful (rather non- hurtful) in whatever I say! I also hope that I don’t get hurt by others comments….I am in awe of people who can just brush off anything that is in opposition to what they are or think!! The world would be so much more welcoming I guess if I could be like that 🙂
I am striving to accept my being….hurtful words kind of hit me hard and push me back in my endeavour.
As I said, this is just something that I am thinking of…just another headtrip 😀 trying to make some sense!


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