India – Democracy?!?

Read this news item about the attack on a tamil daily over a poll conducted about who the political successor of Karunanidhi is. Last I knew, India was a democratic country. Why should anyone be named a politcal successor. People stand in elections and get voted as a leader. It should not be a dynasty thing. Why the aggression over a poll which in the first place need not have been conducted at all?!? Does it matter that Azhagiri gets 2 % and Stalin 70% of poll votes?? In the end, when the general election takes place…it is who wins the election and who in the political party is chosen to lead…is that not what should happen?? Besides, the CM is still alive and hopefully well celebrating his Golden anniversary of his entry into politics!! He may be old…still? I guess this violence has erupted a little earlier… The same concept goes to the Nehru family too….and the Congress party….still banking on the Nehru name!!! God knows when this would stop!! When everybody becomes literate?? But people who read the poll in the newspaper should supposedly be literate, right?
Kind of a shame to the whole pride of being the largest democracy in the world!!! It might as well have a coup and a dictator take over!! Will probably be all the same right?!?