India – Democracy?!?

Read this news item about the attack on a tamil daily over a poll conducted about who the political successor of Karunanidhi is. Last I knew, India was a democratic country. Why should anyone be named a politcal successor. People stand in elections and get voted as a leader. It should not be a dynasty thing. Why the aggression over a poll which in the first place need not have been conducted at all?!? Does it matter that Azhagiri gets 2 % and Stalin 70% of poll votes?? In the end, when the general election takes place…it is who wins the election and who in the political party is chosen to lead…is that not what should happen?? Besides, the CM is still alive and hopefully well celebrating his Golden anniversary of his entry into politics!! He may be old…still? I guess this violence has erupted a little earlier… The same concept goes to the Nehru family too….and the Congress party….still banking on the Nehru name!!! God knows when this would stop!! When everybody becomes literate?? But people who read the poll in the newspaper should supposedly be literate, right?
Kind of a shame to the whole pride of being the largest democracy in the world!!! It might as well have a coup and a dictator take over!! Will probably be all the same right?!?

4 thoughts on “India – Democracy?!?

  1. India has never been a democracy. If you claim that then i pity you much. We were british slaves. Now we are slaves of our own selfish motives. On the whole we dont care about the fruits of our efforts but fear the lash of the whip.

    Did some one even give a damn when the govt “Advised and Educated” people about rain water harvesting.

    Make it mandatory or your house does not get a permit then people run around investing on it.

    Thats how india works. Its a shame but the fact needs to be accepted. The day we vote for a candidate (really go vote on the day of election rather than watching sun tv music crap) of cadere instead of voting for a hindu, muslim or a christian so that he can declare your sorry self as a minority and get you reservations from college seats to public toilets that day maybe kalam’s vision 2020 may have some feeble hope…

  2. Hey Dilip,
    I accept that we are a long way from true democracy….but such acts of violence – murder infuriates and saddens me at the same time. It is both ridiculous and unfair that when a neighbour of mine went to cast his vote in the evening once, returning from his business trip unexpectedly, found that his vote had already been cast!!! There are many more such instances that can come out….The situation is so deplorable!! Reservations, religions and caste are a totally different subject that we can go on and on about πŸ™‚

  3. Do you know what Section 49O is? Last elections i asked for it. They had all forms except for 49O. When i asked and insisted for 49O i was threated with jail for attempting to create unrest in a polling booth and was told that id be booked under POTA by a goonda who was probably a political party candidate.

    That day, i gave up on Indians. I still have not given up on India though. But i dont trust indians anymore that they could be of any use.

  4. I do know what the 49-O is. And I do know that it is possible that you had been threatened to be jailed…but not to trust Indians is a huge statement! Like in any place, I would not trust just anyone, especially not politicians – anywhere πŸ™‚ We just have a long way to go, a really long one.

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