Indian in a foreign land

Watched the movie The Namesake this afternoon. I was wondering how I related to this movie – answer in many many ways to many of the characters/ situations depicted! Examples…how I really miss my home & family back in Chennai; how alone I feel sometimes here; wonder how I can inculcate our culture in my son (right now trying to get him to talk in tamil/telugu!!!); how my son is going to turn out to be (though I am not sure we are going to stay here in the US as we will go where life takes us..).
One dialogue really set me thinking…when Ashima says that she would miss the US having lived there for 25 years….was wondering whether I would miss living here when I leave this place?! I will definitely have memories – pleasant and otherwise, but will I miss living here?!? Right now, my answer is no. I have come to believe that The World is Flat ….then one can ask why I miss home? Simple!!! It is the place where I was born and brought up. Now, with our perspective of going from one place to another, where will our son have his roots? Where he was born? Where we, his parents hail from?? For a flat world, it is really complex ain’t it? 😀
Anyways, have decided to lay my hands on the book The Namesake and read it. Have always thought that the books are always better than the film version…

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