Principles in life!

Was reading this entry in my friend’s blog. That set me thinking about the same thing – doing the right thing. Starting from obeying traffic laws knowing you can get away with it if you don’t to bigger stuff.
I have always been open, honest, forthright. Off late, I have been chided for the same to the extent to make me regret being all that I am. Do I change because people around me say I should not be who I am and live a lie? The rebel in me shouts a no in my head. Why should I compromise and be what I am not? If everyone was just the same and reacted similarly…where would the variety in life be? Would we not all be robots? I digress. Thing is not just about changing but changing to do something wrong?!? I understand if someone said one should not lie, hurt etc.., but to say that you should not be honest…?!? One wonders!?!?
About being robots…mabbe will pen down my thoughts later on sometime 🙂