What would one really want to hear?

Stuck in an impossible situation….one talking to a friend…what would one really want to hear at that time? We say we want an honest opinion..do we really mean it? We say we don’t want to hear clichés on hope, destiny blah blah….again do we really mean it?
So, what should one say to another in that place? Give an honest opinion…it might hurt the other more…say a cliché, it sounds so artificial…
I have faced this…been given honest opinions which I just wanted to refute but could not as the other person was supposedly lending a supporting shoulder. I guess I would have preferred to just hear clichés from such a person. I also find myself being able to accept honest opinions from some people; but the same from some one else – just irritates me and makes me feel worse at that point of time to be put in that situation to hear those from that person! Don’t know if my previous statement made any sense. 🙂
Should I blame the situation, myself, the other person or what the other person is saying?? I guess it is an art talking to people. One would take ages to master and to some it is just inherent. For some people like me, even the best meaning statements are taken in the wrong sense by some….mabbe it is me, or mabbe it is just that the other person does not like me saying anything at all. As I find those people always mistake me…whatever I say or do. I should learn to ignore those…or just learn what one really wants hear from the other at every single turn…easier said than done 😉

Where are we going?!?

I am in India on a long vacation (not really planned it to be long, but ending up to be one 🙂 ). One does notice a lot of changes each time one visits the country. What hit me this time was how people are going toward unhealthy eating habits more and more…
One particular ad kinda jolted me. It is for a packed fresh(oxymoron?!?) fruit juice which ends with a mom-son duo saying “Ab koi paani nahi maangega! (no one would ask for water anymore!)” I have been reading about how you must take the whole fruit instead of the juices because of sugar content and less fibre etc.., And here I am looking at an ad that says no one would ask for water ( Obviously there are articles over articles claiming how important it is to drink water…am sure it is more so in a hot country like India!!)
So, I guess along with the spending power, increase in loans, traffic and all else…ill-health is also being spread
Hope we improve economically and learn not to repeat the mistakes made by places we are trying to emulate…