Trust ?!

Who can one trust? We can always think all our friends are trustworthy and dependable….but are they really? When faced with serious problems and you turn toward these friends…the one who is there rock solid; ready to lend you their shoulders – they are the real ones; not ones who end up dissecting the situation more, judging you and making you justify yourself; resulting in hurting you more at that point of time.
Sometimes these problems are a good thing 🙂 In the face of them, you get to know your real friends 😉 The upside of trouble I suppose. Blessing in disguise?!?
I guess this is more of a continuation of my previous entry about what to say when . Thing is you are also in a situation where you cannot do away with those “friends” just that we can be wary of them and their attitude.
Of course makes one feel that to be on the safe side, parties in trouble should talk it out among themselves instead of involving “friends” so that they are saved of the impending hurt.
Just throwing this out there….am glad I have really great friends and have stuck by me for quite a long time now. They are the kind who say “when life hands you Lemons, ask for soda & salt and call me over…” and they probably will get the soda and salt for you 😉 Boy am I blessed!! 😀