Tax & Subsidies

This is in response to an ET article. Been following this particular news item on the TV too. Just thought I will pen my thoughts. Just feel that instead of taxing people this way, they could remove the subsidy given in the IITs & IIMs …or mabbe give it as a government loan ( a low interest loan?!)
Will taxing those who go abroad be a problem? How would they enforce it?
Maybe, the government should spend more for primary studies than dole out money for higher education.
It was said on TV that this is to stem brain drain. If they are taxed when they leave…should they not be given some incentive to come back to the country? ( a refund of or a percentage of the tax collected from them 😉 )
I don’t think this is going to reduce brain drain in any way…those who leave would do so anyways…pay the tax and leave I suppose. And those who return will do so…It is just a matter of getting in some money!!
Something that my simple brain was thinking!!