India !! Champions!!

Today was the twenty20 world cup finals at Jo’burg, South Africa. A dream finals as some called it…India vs Pakistan…. Spent 5 + hours watching it on TV. It was nail biting and the match going either way in the last few overs…. India finally won by 5 runs!!! Congrats!!! It was great to see the team win. There were firecrackers burst in exhilaration here in Chennai on the roads….Cricket is a passion here. India- Pakistan matches evokes it like nothing else…..a win is remembered for ages!!!

There is one programme I watched which was featured in the run up to the T20 finals…it was on NDTV…cricketing controversies featuring Imran Khan, Ajay Jadeja, Sidhu and Mantra as panelists. The question asked was which is better the Ashes or Indo-pak match? Imran Khan answered that any match which is evenly poised is good and the Ashes have been tilted in the Aussies side for way too long….
My humble take on this…give me an Indo-Pak match to watch anytime….as I said it evokes something in the mind that gets the adrenalin pumping…but that is me being Indian. It made me think that had I been Australian or English….may be that would have made me feel so about the Ashes.
So, whatever the match, whomsoever the contestants….a good match is just a treat to watch for an armchair cricketer like me πŸ˜‰ It helps if I relate to the players more πŸ™‚


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