New Connections?!

I have many a time been ever so thankful for all the friends I have. They have been there for me through thin and thick (literally even 😉 in that order 😀 )
The other day, a friend of mine and I were talking about making new friends. She was saying that people she meets these days even if they share many a common thing; there is no connection most of the time. They just remain at the acquaintance status. She was wondering why this was so…and saying that may be if she had met the same person years earlier, they might have been bosom buddies; concluding that growing older was the reason for this mistrust (if you can call it that?!?)
Set me wondering if I shared this with her. Most of my close friends are those who I have known for ages….but have struck a few really nice friendships recently too – would not call them bosom buddies but they are better than mere acquaintances.
Some of these recent friends are those whom I have only chatted with. The talk made me wonder if I would feel awkward if at all I met them! Food for thought?!
On the same lines, meeting old friends after ages of no contact…there are times when we just hit off like there was no gap ever in communication….and there are times when I have felt like a fish out of water; wondering why I had chosen to be there at that time!!
Don’t know why these happen – but I guess I just feel good I have some friends I can bank upon always. Thanks to each one of them from the bottom of my heart. I know how much of a pain I have been, am being and probably will be for years to come. Thank you for your patience, understanding!!


2 thoughts on “New Connections?!

  1. Wow..Excellent post. Its as though you’ve read my thoughts. Can relate to almost everything….Keep up the good work.

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