It is navarathri time. Now that I am in India on my really extended vacation, my son gets to see the kolu at home. He enjoyed setting it up, doing the namaskarams…now gets upset when we ask him not to touch the dolls!! lol!! Luckily though, he obeys.
Amma reminiscing about how she started keeping this kolu ages back when I was little girl. Seems I was spending time at my neighbours’ homes and got too keen about this, came home and cried. My mother sent my father to the shop(days when we depended on public transport and the shop was about at least an hour away driving our own vehicle!!) after he got home from work. He had to get the dolls, come home and made the steps out of crate boxes and set the whole thing up. Yes…I was asleep even before he returned from the shop it seems. I was so excited by the little kolu, I went to invite the whole neighbourhood…amma got to know a lot of our neighbours that way it seems! Years went by, tradition of keeping the kolu continued, and seems I got choosy about when and whom I would invite 🙂 Amma enjoyed dressing me up in various costumes when I was younger. Even I remember those various costumes!!The kolu became bigger with dolls inherited from both grandparents. Still enjoy taking the dolls out, taking care, arranging them on the steps and when it is all over, repacking them carefully and storing them till next year! Am glad that my son could see this….and am now enthused to get some basic dolls back home when I go. Hope I can keep the tradition alive. God help me 🙂


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