If you were in my shoes!

How many times would have one heard this? If you were in my shoes, you would understand. Actually I want to rephrase it….my ideal statement would be if you were me in my shoes!! Reason, each person reacts differently to the same thing. That is what makes things interesting, does it not? If we were all programmed to react the same way to the same situation…we might as well be robots. So, if one says I would not do that in your position, I would totally accept. Yes, that person would not do what I would in the said situation and vice versa.
I guess all of us have to accept this, and life would get a lot simpler. Accept the individuality in each person.
I have had counter-arguments put across immediately saying a criminal would say the same thing…accept the way I reacted. I don’t mean such situations. What I am talking about is simple day to day decisions that we take….cannot think of an example off-hand…Just wanted to jot this down.


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