Have you ever logged on to your messengers to find none of your friends online. Checked your mailboxes to find no mail from your contacts – not even forwards….and felt lonely? I have.
Loneliness is a weird thing…it creeps up on you when you are already feeling a bit down.
Don’t know if I am the weird one or whether this is pretty natural?
I also find myself facing things all alone sometimes…though having my family and friends with me, I am sometimes hit by that feeling! I should learn how to deal with this….may be I am just being really idle. Idle mind devil’s workshop!! It keeps brewing way too many things 🙂
It is a vicious thing….loneliness and depression. Once you get depressed, everything seems so bleak…every word you hear hurts you even if said in a well meaning manner. Ruins even what one already has…


One thought on “Lonely?!?

  1. So right. So so right. It happens to me too. Of not taking things in proper perspective when I am upset, sad, lonely, depressed. But the antidote has to be found, in one’s own self. otherwise every thing gets messed up

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