Courtesy and phones

I keep reading articles and watching news items of ban on cell phones in schools. Also…though some people have cell phones, they have not even had the courtesy to call and cancel an appointment they had made. They just did not turn up.
Got me thinking….why must one have a cell phone at all? For all the features it comes loaded with except use it as a “mobile” phone?? We read about mobile phone etiquettes of switching it off in the theatre, doctor’s office, hospitals etc…, What about actually using it to make a call and say that one is delayed or that one cannot make it for an appointment? I put this in as it has been happening repeatedly with various people. I originally thought that it was just a coincidence when it happened once and once again….
Returning calls made…that is another issue totally. Why can’t people be prompt and return calls? Listen to their voicemails?? Is it just me being in the old world or are people really becoming rude??
On a recent train trip, I saw people all around me having their cell phones glued to their ear…either talking or listening to music non stop…infact some of them were so uncouth that they had their music playing on speaker!!! And they had also set alarms for the wee hours of the morning so as to get down in their stop….but why should it be so loud to wake up the whole compartment one wonders? What about vibrate mode??
Anyways, just another thought that came into this muddled head of mine!


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