I am currently waiting for my visa papers to get back. My son will be turning 3 late this year. He has been registered in a pre-school close to the place where I stay and it has been informed that he would join late that is when we get back. That is the background. Now to what we are going through…people telling me that I am ruining the whole of my son’s education by keeping him at home during this time of waiting!!
My logic is, I should be getting my travel papers soon. So, why go through the hassle of searching for a good pre-school, of the grind of the whole admission process just for may be a couple of months at the max? More to this thought was that he does not turn 3 by the cut off date in the school district that I stay in. One of the pre-schools there actually responded saying he is not eligible to join pre-school this year. He would actually be joining school only after he turn 5.
So, when people keep telling me that I am hampering my son’s whole future…it infuriates and irritates me! After a while, I start feeling guilty and start thinking if so many people are saying this…may be I am wrong in my thought!!
This also made me wonder when we actually need to send kids to school first? They say we never stop learning and that kids adapt easily….so why must I be almost harassed to enroll my son into a pre-school at that for just a couple of months maximum?? The result of this harassment I take it upon my hubby as if we don’t have enough to argue about 😀


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