Opinions aplenty!

Well, the title goes for anything and everything. This entry though is about traditional beliefs…I recently read about someone who was disillusioned in the whole kolu for Navrathri and was talking about politely refusing invites to the same.
This made me think of many of the traditions that we have that are slowly disappearing. Kolu is to pray to the Goddesses…the slokas/pujas happen in the morning; while evening is a means to socialising. People coming home for sundal, singing songs and chatting to catch up. Coming back home to compare the taste of one sundal from another, enjoying some rare songs that one gets to hear or encourage the learners who use this as a practice session. Just the decorations are a challenge to the artist in each person. Most of the dolls in each house might be repetitions; but not how they arrange them…themes are big things. Yes, there are those who do all for show…but in this case; it is one festival where it is permissible :)Well, atleast one can come home and talk about those that are so artificial too right? A topic for conversation at home.
When one thinks about traditions, one can realise how each one has some thought into it…for example, the margazhi tradition of waking up early to put the kolam is to get the laziness out. One would love to snuggle up under sheets and sleep in the colder weather. Making seedai for Krishnashtami is to have something crunchy when it is generally raining outside; or neer more for Ramanavami which is in summer!
Accepted that there are some which are outdated in this age…like don’t stitch after sun down. That was to avoid strain to the eyes when the lights are out and is outdated now thanks to electricity…Probably there are many more that can be listed.
One should see the merits and demerits of each and take what appears right instead of writing off all saying it is being old fashioned or to say that you are disillusioned. For my part, I try follow traditions as much as I can and hope I can transfer this thought to my son too!
Well that is my take on this….of course opinions aplenty! 🙂


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