Beatuty – Skin deep?!

Today’s discussion on India 60 minutes on NDTV was whether India was getting obsessive and spending too much on beauty? They interviewed school and college kids. Statistics shown were that school kids spend Rs 2500 a month upto 30K per year on beauty!!! Just reminded me of the time I cam home after cutting my hair short (above my shoulder) with a front fringe. It cost me Rs 50 if I remember right…my mother freaked freaked that she called my father who was working abroad to notify him about what his daughter did!! I was in Class XII then! I still think twice before going for a shorter cut 😉
Boy!! have times changed!! Parents are paying for this extravagance and supporting the kids! They say that it is not crossing the line. Is it that people are willing to spend more or am I becoming like my mother who freaked when she saw my short cut??
Being well groomed and going overboard are two different things. People cannot justify extravagance saying they are doing all this for being well groomed. Hair straightening when in middle or high school for no reason??? The kids are so brand conscious. I did know about the brands but did not bother to spend my parents money on those to wear to college on a daily basis. I did splurge for birthdays or other occasions and there were people who said that I should not even do that (not my family 😉 )
I still don’t wear make-up on a daily basis and am amazed at women who came to my gym with make-up for a work out!! May be I am one of those people who is termed as ugly?!?
Well that is my two cents on this!


One thought on “Beatuty – Skin deep?!

  1. Am with you on this one 🙂 I wonder if the ones who don’t really spend too much on beauty products are the ones thinking its a shame! 🙂

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