Been reading the Spiritual Research Foundation. It hit me that we are going to leave our physical body here on earth (duh! right? :)) So, should we not take better care of our souls than we do our body?? It would help by not hurting others by our words or actions. Be courteous, understanding.Be a good friend.
As a friend of mine said, in the end; people don’t see how much you have earned/studied…it is how many people remember you for the good person that you were.
So, I resolve to try be a nice person….have been trying to reduce my short temper for ages now…but have a long way to go. Of course, a great body to go with the good soul would help too 😉 what say? Guess I do have a looooong way to go.
Well, I just hope that I don’t fall sick and trouble others in any way in the end!

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