Act of gifting!

Was reading this entry on gifts on Laksh’s blog. Was reminded of a discussion I have had before, several times actually. P & I prefer giving gift cards. While a friend of ours actually dislikes getting one saying it has no thought behind. Our idea behind getting a gift card is to leave the choice to the receiver and they can purchase what they want. (put in more money if needed 😉 )
This is to avoid getting something useless for the other person or to repeat something they already have (unintentionally of course) We have had repetitions of toys given to Aakash and sometimes without a gift receipt even.
So after those discussions, we get gifts (with gift receipts) to those who voiced their dislike toward gift cards…and gift cards to others 🙂
Reading Laksh’s entry..I realised one thing. When we do get gift cards, we end up getting something we want…not necessarily desire…But how do we know what the other person desires? unless they have a wish list that we know of.
Personally, I love receiving and giving gifts (or cards as the case might be…love hearing what the card was used for too 🙂 )
Just throwing out my thoughts out here…


One thought on “Act of gifting!

  1. 🙂 Actually I think this way. Most of us end up being practical and getting stuff we really need as against what we would like to have. For instance the gift I mentioned. I have seen plenty of stuff that I crave to have but end up passing over because I can’t really see a “need” for it. Case in point – a card to the local nail salon or a pedicure. I used to think of it as fancy stuff but I realised sometimes that might be the only time the recipient really gets to do what they enjoy as against if they really need to spend that money on a fancy foot wash.

    Ah! the woes of consumerism 🙂

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