Traveler IQ Challenge :)

Something I enjoyed :)Got up to 250000 odd…need to get 300000 to get to the next level 😦 will keep trying 🙂
Check out the challenge at the given link (WP does not allow me to embed the challenge in the entry 😦 )
Do let me know what scores you get 🙂


In reply!

In reply to Laksh’s meme…here goes. Don’t know if I have 7…am still thinking!! Let me try! 🙂 Everybody knows me pretty well…don’t think there will be any revelations out here!

1: I love dogs but absolutely hate cats. Something about them…interestingly though, I like to watch anything about tigers.

2: I have to answer when the phone rings and get irritated if it goes to the machine before I pick it! Pretty obsessive about replying to mails too…and wish P were the same too in that regard! 😦

3: I can never do one thing at one time. I have to at least listen to music/radio while driving. Used to write my records for science while watching TV and chatting over the phone much to the chagrin of amma 😀

Hmm…4 more to go!!!

4: I love all sorts of puzzle/word games. Would sit down to play them anytime with anyone 🙂 Love to sit with jigsaw puzzles for hours on end (of course should either watch TV or listen to music alongside 🙂 )

5: Seem to misplace things pretty often and I keep searching for them…even files on the computer!!!

6: I like doing somethings but hate some of the follow up work. eg., I love washing/drying clothes but hate folding & putting them in their spot. love painting, but hate the clean up work after that!

Finally!!! 😀
7: I need to get up before the alarm rings for the time it is set for (don’t want other people around to also get up just because I have to). In extension, I cannot make anyone wait and have to be on time if not early.

Phew!!! Did not think I could come up with 7!! Yipeee!!!

Ok…I tag Aru, Bhu, Anasuya, Gayu Satish, Vidya, Harini, Malini, Swati, Sangi, Arun, Karthik, Sandeep & Usha and anyone who wishes to! 😀


I have been one person who has been almost close to obsessive about losing weight. That loomed large in my life (no puns intended! 😉 ) Off late though, that has been one of the most insignificant of things!!!
When something larger comes up, even what we think is a huge problem becomes almost insignificant!!
I have been a pessimist my entire life now I guess. Actually the few times I have been optimistic…it has not worked out for me. In a way, I have actually been a person who has taken life as it comes too. Being a pessimist, I guess outright planning does not work 🙂 I start thinking that I would not succeed. I have also been pretty baffled by questions like “where do you think you will be five years from now?” If someone had asked me this question five years back, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be where I am right now! Am I making sense?? There are times I don’t know what I am going to do 5 minutes later!! 😀
I call myself a pessimist, but there are times when hope comes to the forefront! I start hoping things would be fine even if they apparently are not….so does that make me an optimist?
Well, reading what I have just written…I feel I am confused!! LOL!! I guess I am in the grey area here….
Hoping and praying that whatever I am going through will also pass. Though the pessimist in me keeps telling me rock bottom is still far away…I am only getting there. In fact when a friend told me, the only way is up from here; my response is that every time I think that, something worse happens…. and reiterates my belief!! In every solution suggested, I see more problems!! God help me!! 😀