A good quote!

“I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you cant handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”- Marilyn Monroe
Saw this quote in my friend’s facebook profile as one of her favourites. I guess I vote for this too as one of my favourites….
Wish I could really act and react the way the quote goes…
Pity the person who said it ended up committing suicide though!

When will I learn?!

When will I learn not to share everything in life to everyone? When will I learn that everyone has one’s opinions and each is right in one’s domain? When will I learn that another person will never stop advising you when you are down and out…and expect you to actually accept what they say without a counter-argument?
When will I learn that honesty is not the way to go in this world!?
When will I learn to be cunning (which I have learnt is the way to be to succeed or atleast appear successful!!! )?
When will I learn not to get hurt by other’s opinions and more tha that wallow in that hurt? When will I learn to deal with people the “right” way??
“Katradhu kai mann alavu, kaladadhu ulagalavu” translated means what one has learnt is just about a fistful of sand, what one has yet to learn is as vast as the universe…
I know I have a lot to learn…but I always felt that my principles in life were alright…honesty being one of them.Guess that I am on the other extreme when it comes to honesty. I should atleast learn to sugar coat my thoughts before-hand I suppose.
When will I learn?!!

So apt!!

My son was watching one of his favorite movies – Cars. There is one song in the soundtrack that I absolutely love – one by Brad Paisley , “Find yourself”
The video I picked from YouTube

Right now, the song is pretty apt in my life!
I have not met the one… nor do I have any idea to do so 🙂 but I definitely have been put in a place where I have to find myself. I have been told that only time will tell what is in store….
I hope I can find myself! Doubt it very much as I am being pulled and pushed around in different directions by opinions and attitudes. I wish I could really lead my life the way I want to and soon!

I am done!

Just wanted to vent out…and say that I am done justifying everything I have done or said (or even what I am doing). I am at the end of the rope and want to say that I did not want nor plan to be where I am right now in my life dealing with what I am.
To everyone who has had adjectives about me in one’s minds, I want to say every one is different and deal with everything in their own way. Every event might have a different kind of impact on each person and would react differently. If one had the foresight of what is imminent, one would definitely deal with things in the right way.
I was (and to an extent still get) bothered and worked up with people passing their judgement on me. Like my previous entry…they should be me in my shoes to understand what I am going through.
Don’t know where I will get the strength to face all this adversity, but I am sure I will get out of this s*** and come out smelling of roses at that!
In this same breath, I want to thank those friends of mine who have empathised and are being there for me. I want to say that I would never forget what they have done for me and don’t know how I would ever find words to thank them or make them understand how I feel.
It is easy to hurt and push some one down when they already are…and to lend a supporting hand to such is difficult and much appreciated. One can make a choice of what category one should fall in…if it is the former, one might as well shut up and do nothing – atleast not do any harm in any way. As the saying goes, one need not help; but they need not hinder in anyway atleast!

A tag

A post after ages!! Thanks to Laksh…trying to get back to “normalcy”?!?

Laksh had sent me this tag where in I had to describe her in one word!! I had to rack my brains over…and all I came up with was long sentences of what she is and how I see her. One word to summarise all that!! What do I do? I thought let me search for something to help me out…turn to Google 🙂 reverse dictionary was the search key…and it came up with this link http://www.onelook.com/
I meticulously typed out my phrase…and none of the answers suited my need 😦 Did end up sending her a response but don’t think it really summarises what I think of her completely 🙂

Will send her a mail with a detailed description some time!! What say?? 😉