A tag

A post after ages!! Thanks to Laksh…trying to get back to “normalcy”?!?

Laksh had sent me this tag where in I had to describe her in one word!! I had to rack my brains over…and all I came up with was long sentences of what she is and how I see her. One word to summarise all that!! What do I do? I thought let me search for something to help me out…turn to Google 🙂 reverse dictionary was the search key…and it came up with this link http://www.onelook.com/
I meticulously typed out my phrase…and none of the answers suited my need 😦 Did end up sending her a response but don’t think it really summarises what I think of her completely 🙂

Will send her a mail with a detailed description some time!! What say?? 😉

One thought on “A tag

  1. Really look forward to your email. 🙂 Never knew there was something called a reverse dictionary! That is some useful tool. Thanks! Will look it up.

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