When will I learn?!

When will I learn not to share everything in life to everyone? When will I learn that everyone has one’s opinions and each is right in one’s domain? When will I learn that another person will never stop advising you when you are down and out…and expect you to actually accept what they say without a counter-argument?
When will I learn that honesty is not the way to go in this world!?
When will I learn to be cunning (which I have learnt is the way to be to succeed or atleast appear successful!!! )?
When will I learn not to get hurt by other’s opinions and more tha that wallow in that hurt? When will I learn to deal with people the “right” way??
“Katradhu kai mann alavu, kaladadhu ulagalavu” translated means what one has learnt is just about a fistful of sand, what one has yet to learn is as vast as the universe…
I know I have a lot to learn…but I always felt that my principles in life were alright…honesty being one of them.Guess that I am on the other extreme when it comes to honesty. I should atleast learn to sugar coat my thoughts before-hand I suppose.
When will I learn?!!