Shall we call this bias?

Was watching CNN-IBN and this news item was featured…

It is about Jodhaa Akbar being dubbed in telugu and tamil to reach this audience. The report was about reactions and when you read the article, it sounds pretty unbiased. Though, when I watched the piece; I wanted to find out if they do such a report when they dub so many of those English movies in all Indian languages.

The anchor said something about how funny Akbar would look talking in those southern languages…not more funny than a character in Lord of the Rings talking in hindi or any other Indian language.

I personally don’t like dubbed versions of any movie…the original is always better. Would rather have subtitles than watch a dubbing. The reason for this entry though is somehow something struck as odd when even the anchor said it would be funny!! In the case of Jodhaa Akbar, the charm of urdu would be lost when dubbed…accepted and is a known fact! The director though is probably doing this in the hope of getting some money back after the movie bombed in the north due to controversies, bans or whatever!

This also just reminded me of another incident which was about dubbed programmes. Here in Chennai, (thankfully!! ) cartoons and kids programs are telecast in English (meaning Pogo and Disney Channels)…and seems they are in hindi in Delhi. So my nephew who was visiting was excited about watching Noddy…the title song comes in English crooning “Make way for Noddy” while my brother, sil and nephew were singing “Aagaya Noddy” !!! Found it absurd…the funny thing is my nephew walked away saying this is not Noddy!! Poor Enid Blyton 🙂 There is a channel called “chutti TV” that telecasts everything in tamil…endured about a minute or so of Dora in tamil!!! (my son wanted to see Dora…even he lost interest when it was not in English/Spanish which is what he is used to!) Wonder why they can’t make exclusive kids cartoons in those languages instead of dubbing (and the voices are sometimes ridiculous!!)