Letting go!

Laksh had written this entry sometime back. About letting go….

Well I am writing this on a different note though…I am now in that stage in life when I have to let go of a person. Infact, it is that person who is letting go of A and me. I am grappling with the idea of living life that way and starting life from scratch as it is. Now I am back at my parents place, back to being a daughter living by their rules. It is tough to let go of my life as I had known it.

Laksh says happiness is a state of mind and the attitude is what governs it. I hope I can get to that state. Trying hard. There are days when I am depressed and feel like life is not worth living. And there are those where I want to prove to myself more than anyone else that I can.

I have had people around me tell me…it is over, get over it. Just wish it were that easy! Feel like it might have been easier may be earlier…given the circumstances, I know it will be a while before I truly let go and get over it!

Once again, I have to thank all those who endure my mood swings and support me through this period. Top honours should go to my parents…how much ever I crib about them. They are here for me despite what society here would say to all this. I am unfair to them and take out my frustrations on them, but am sure glad that I atleast have them! I hope not to be a burden on them for too long.

God (if He exists!! ) help A and me through all this and my parents too.

2 thoughts on “Letting go!

  1. You will turn out fine. Parents often relish a chance to help their offspring overcoming difficult situations. I don’t think you’re a burden to them.

  2. H Leafless, thank you! I hope so too! Just that difficult times, idle mind – do the math 😉 End up thinking I am burdening everyone and mostly my parents!

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