Does it matter?

I have purchased a bike. Paid the money on a day when the star is “barani” and will be receiving the delivery on “ashtami”. Both days are supposedly inauspicious according to traditions. In accordance, nothing new is ventured upon on those days and a few other days (even some lunar months).
Now that I have done this now…how will it affect anyone? When my mother pointed these days out to me, I was telling her that today is yesterday in some part of the world and tomorrow in another….so, how does it matter??? Am I justifying myself that well…I have done it, maybe I should have checked up?!
Don’t really know…does anyone know what is in store? I certainly don’t and should say did not! Have been told to face life as it has been thrown to me; just accept it and move on. So, I should just take it as it comes with my new vehicle too, right?