How easy?!

Today,  I was egging a friend of mine to go on a diet & exercise regime!! Me!! A few days back, I was doing the egging to a friend preparing for an exam to study and keep with the schedule.

Realised just how easy it is to get another person going…just hard to get oneself doing just about the same things!! Atleast for me! I have just about given up a healthy schedule in life…given up on walking just half hour a day (so doable, but just not doing it!)

Been a few days since I signed up with scalejunkie. Hope that would keep pushed to get back on track. Have a long way to go where I want to be in life – physically, mentally and emotionally. When I think about that, the physical bit atleast seems doable, as it lies entirely in my hands. I need to stick with my diet and exercise plan and more importantly, I should give up on the “I want everything yesterday” attitude.

Just a side note – was watching TV the other day (nothing new in that right 😉 ) an interview of Bipasha Basu during fashion week who said that it took years for her to be toned…if it took years for her…then for a person like me!!??? Well, I might as well put in a lot of effort!! 😉

Hope I get to where I want to be and have to be. Been lying low for way too long a time…in every aspect. I want to do this for my son and me!


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