Feels good

Today, after a really long time, I cooked an entire meal – the usual fare of south Indian food – sambar, rasam and curries. It felt really good – have a sense of fulfilment , an inexplicable joy. When all of it got over, it just seemed overwhelming 🙂

What is it about me and cooking? There was a time when I found it really monotonous – a bore. That turned to me enjoying trying out new things, infact starting a blog to keep all the recipes in one place. It was a pleasure to update the sites with my accomplishments and trials 🙂 Now it has been a little less than a year; have not really cooked a whole meal.

When I did it today; it just makes me glad. 😀 Maybe, I would find it a bore if I did it day, in day out 😉

Growing up?!

Somewhere in this world! lyrics here

I have a dream! lyrics here

Boney M and Abba were bands I used to listen growing up (shows how old I am right? 😉 )
The two songs above were those which when younger I just liked the soft tune, the melody… Each turn in life when we listen to such songs, they probably mean something different.
Now listening to these songs…wonder when I will find that somewhere and whether the angels have left me and my dreams?!
I still love listening to these songs…but may be I should not think and just enjoy them for the beauty they possess! 🙂

Just mentioning one more song that is a favourite…title song to M*A*S*H ( a favourite TV series too!)

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