Touchwood Laksh

I was thinking of writing something on these lines. Having attended the wedding of one of my close friends, I was thinking of how beautiful she looked in the traditional madisar. I had worn a saree for the wedding ceremony and was planning to go to the reception in a salwar, since I had a previous engagement for the same. I was told I should wear a saree. I am not a person who avoids a saree or somebody who takes pride(or thinks it is fashion) to say I don’t know how to wear one!! I love the saree. Then, who decides what to wear when?? Do all guys who come to wedding wear the traditional dhoti? This extended to other places, most of the time; there seem to be more restrictions on women and standards set to what they should wear.

Is it that clothes maketh the person? First impression is probably made by how one looks, but must that rule everything?? I am one who thinks as long as one can carry off what one wears, feels confident…why restrict or set rules about what to wear! In Madras….the notion that girls must wear a dupatta…if not she is not dressed appropriately. A saree when worn actually exposes so much more…but why should that be seen as being right, appropriate, traditional and everything else is a violation of culture even!?!?

I personally feel that the dress code should be left to the judgement of the person who is wearing the clothes – be it for a man or woman. I remember resenting my mother telling me that I must not wear skirts or sleeveless shirts after a certain point while growing up saying that I probably can manage, but the perception of the other person might not be good. She probably was being protective, but it still evoked a sense of rebellion in my mind.

I can go on and on πŸ™‚ so I better stop. Just a small addition, there was a programme in tamil in Star Vijay channel called ” Ippadiku Rose” which actually was on the same thoughts πŸ™‚ about why restrictions for women. Guess it will keep going on, hitting many minds now and then on various levels πŸ˜€


I have come across this guy…He is now a Systems analyst in a reputed firm. I was already impressed by his knowledge, zeal and willingness to help.Β When I heard about how he has come up….OMG!! Seems he actually had to work right after school, so he did his degree long distance while working. He has been a paperboy, did odd jobs right through and ended the day by doing a data entry job at night. If someone says they have their life hard cos they cannot shop for their favourite video game or a pair of shoes, they can actually get royally kicked. πŸ˜‰

Why is this so surprising? In India, I thought it was granted that kids work only after completing their graduation, and go on to their PGΒ with their parents money. So to meet someone like this was truly a first for me. I was so impressed that I wanted to pen this down here. Hats of to this guy!!

What to do?

What does one do when she wants to shout something out to the world but cannot?! Especially for a person like me who cannot keep a secret about oneself. I can do that when some one else trusts me and tells me something. That would never ever slip out. Though I am an open book…trust anyone and everyone!

Off late there have been certain things I want to tell all, write about those experiences; but I also have certain constraints now. I cannot do those! I am afraid that I would let that slip by…

What to do?!? Of course, most of my close friends do know what I am talking about πŸ˜‰


Today was a really long long day!! Decided to go out in the evening to good old T Nagar – Pondy Bazaar to be exact. Besides the day being really hot and humid, the traffic made it excruciating. Wonder if all these one ways and overhead bridges help in any way whatsoever! Feel like all the one ways just make our journeys longer and does nothing to alleviate the jams. This comes from a person who actually loves to drive around a lot. It is irritating to see people drive the way they do here and on top of it, give a hard time to those who actually follow traffic rules!?! I don’t watch movies much…but I had seen this one “Anniyan”. When I encounter hard times on the road because of rule breakers…I wonder if something would happen such that people actually obey the rules and chaos ends!! Guess I am pretty bugged πŸ™‚

I did enjoy my shopping though πŸ˜‰

Knock! Knock!!

Weird how my brain works!!!….Or is it not? πŸ˜‰ I was just wondering how whenΒ I keep yourself busy in some way or the other….I don’t even think of the problems I am facing!! Give me just a minute of free time…and lo!! I start mulling over everything and going back on the path of depression.

I plan to keep myself busy all the time to never get on to that path come what may! Hope I can stick to this plan πŸ™‚

Sometimes though the problem is my brain goes into multi-task mode! Then there runs a parallel thread or multiple threads even sometimes!! What do I do then?? How do I end those?? I wonder! πŸ˜€ Don’t know how or when, but there should come a time when I can really block out negative stuff and not bother about them at all…either the past, present or future. Time should only tell I suppose…Knock knock time!!

Another happy note :)

For a change, I am entering a happy note. Two consecutive nice entries I think is probably a first for me. This time though, I am so happy for my friend who related something nice happening to her in her life.

This actually feels so much better than even something nice happening toΒ me:D

Thanks a million for being my friend and sharing your happiness with me to make my day. Hope you share many more happy events with me πŸ™‚ *hugs*

Always feels good :)

Everyone likes to be complimented. My day was made today by not one but 3 strangers!!!

Off late, I felt like I had aged quite a bit. Looked old, tired and certainly a few years above my real age. Dark circles, quite a few lines under my eyes and the likes though I never bother to hide my age. When asked will give the honest answer….

So, today when I was waiting to get my driving tests done…4 of us started chatting to while away the time. I got the compliment saying I did not look my age and they could not believe that I was mother of a 3 year old.

Boy!! It feels nice to receive compliments. They made my day today. Thanks! πŸ™‚ Such days have been very very few in the recent past πŸ™‚