Knock! Knock!!

Weird how my brain works!!!….Or is it not? 😉 I was just wondering how when I keep yourself busy in some way or the other….I don’t even think of the problems I am facing!! Give me just a minute of free time…and lo!! I start mulling over everything and going back on the path of depression.

I plan to keep myself busy all the time to never get on to that path come what may! Hope I can stick to this plan 🙂

Sometimes though the problem is my brain goes into multi-task mode! Then there runs a parallel thread or multiple threads even sometimes!! What do I do then?? How do I end those?? I wonder! 😀 Don’t know how or when, but there should come a time when I can really block out negative stuff and not bother about them at all…either the past, present or future. Time should only tell I suppose…Knock knock time!!


One thought on “Knock! Knock!!

  1. There’s an expression that proposes when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

    Have you checked out “A New Earth,” Ophrah’s online webinar with Eckhart Tolle? Might help you find a path to answer some of those important questions.


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