Today was a really long long day!! Decided to go out in the evening to good old T Nagar – Pondy Bazaar to be exact. Besides the day being really hot and humid, the traffic made it excruciating. Wonder if all these one ways and overhead bridges help in any way whatsoever! Feel like all the one ways just make our journeys longer and does nothing to alleviate the jams. This comes from a person who actually loves to drive around a lot. It is irritating to see people drive the way they do here and on top of it, give a hard time to those who actually follow traffic rules!?! I don’t watch movies much…but I had seen this one “Anniyan”. When I encounter hard times on the road because of rule breakers…I wonder if something would happen such that people actually obey the rules and chaos ends!! Guess I am pretty bugged 🙂

I did enjoy my shopping though 😉


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