I have come across this guy…He is now a Systems analyst in a reputed firm. I was already impressed by his knowledge, zeal and willingness to help. When I heard about how he has come up….OMG!! Seems he actually had to work right after school, so he did his degree long distance while working. He has been a paperboy, did odd jobs right through and ended the day by doing a data entry job at night. If someone says they have their life hard cos they cannot shop for their favourite video game or a pair of shoes, they can actually get royally kicked. 😉

Why is this so surprising? In India, I thought it was granted that kids work only after completing their graduation, and go on to their PG with their parents money. So to meet someone like this was truly a first for me. I was so impressed that I wanted to pen this down here. Hats of to this guy!!


2 thoughts on “Impressed!!

  1. Sometimes things like this make us realise the many things that we take for granted in our life. Guess its a lesson and an inspiration for all of us!

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