Touchwood Laksh

I was thinking of writing something on these lines. Having attended the wedding of one of my close friends, I was thinking of how beautiful she looked in the traditional madisar. I had worn a saree for the wedding ceremony and was planning to go to the reception in a salwar, since I had a previous engagement for the same. I was told I should wear a saree. I am not a person who avoids a saree or somebody who takes pride(or thinks it is fashion) to say I don’t know how to wear one!! I love the saree. Then, who decides what to wear when?? Do all guys who come to wedding wear the traditional dhoti? This extended to other places, most of the time; there seem to be more restrictions on women and standards set to what they should wear.

Is it that clothes maketh the person? First impression is probably made by how one looks, but must that rule everything?? I am one who thinks as long as one can carry off what one wears, feels confident…why restrict or set rules about what to wear! In Madras….the notion that girls must wear a dupatta…if not she is not dressed appropriately. A saree when worn actually exposes so much more…but why should that be seen as being right, appropriate, traditional and everything else is a violation of culture even!?!?

I personally feel that the dress code should be left to the judgement of the person who is wearing the clothes – be it for a man or woman. I remember resenting my mother telling me that I must not wear skirts or sleeveless shirts after a certain point while growing up saying that I probably can manage, but the perception of the other person might not be good. She probably was being protective, but it still evoked a sense of rebellion in my mind.

I can go on and on πŸ™‚ so I better stop. Just a small addition, there was a programme in tamil in Star Vijay channel called ” Ippadiku Rose” which actually was on the same thoughts πŸ™‚ about why restrictions for women. Guess it will keep going on, hitting many minds now and then on various levels πŸ˜€


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