Ripple Effects – a reply…

Hey Laksh….Replying to your post here instead of as a comment…

I was never asked to do the weekly enna kuliyal…though I loved the way amma used the sambrani, the smell…miss that actually (and loved it when amma used to make chutta appalam on the coal adupu after …yummy!!!)
To the hairstyling bit; again I was left to myself and my ideas as long as I did not cut my hair 😀 I did when I was in twelfth, and amma actually called my father to let him know I did that!!! An international call in those days just for this!! 🙂 Huge hungamma, my dance teacher also flipped with a dance programme in the offing 😀

Have definitely tried different lengths since then… Have my hair shoulder length right now; can let it loose; still put in a band because of the oppressive heat! Realised then, that maybe that is why letting hair loose is frowned upon apart from hair falling all over the place!

There sure is some wisdom behind all those rules most of the time which I am learning. May be some have lost their essence over time; like not using a needle after sun down…


One thought on “Ripple Effects – a reply…

  1. LOL 🙂 Some traditions do lose their essence over time. The key is keeping the tradition alive without losing sight of the meaning. Its OK to morph a bit if it helps 🙂

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