Thought to ponder!

Idealism is what precedes experience; cynicism is what follows.  – David T. Wolf

I log into my iGoogle page and this is the Quote of the day. How apt I thought!

When I entered my married phase in life…it was all idealistic – Death do us part types; especially having grown up thinking that marriages were forever. I never really had this Prince Charming would come etc.., type of dreams…but did think that when I got married, it would be forever.

Now after 7 odd years, and an impending divorce; cynicism fills my mind – not just about marriage, but anything surrounding it. Wonder if this cynicism would ever go away?!?

The only good thing out of this is my son I treasure. I would never give him up and hope that he grows out to be a better individual with proper values in life.


5 thoughts on “Thought to ponder!

  1. The cynicism will go away. Time heals. I am also going through a divorce, and there are days when i feel everything and everybody is against me. This usually occurs when my court date is close or just through.. and seeing him and fighting it in court makes me cynical. And then I look at my daughter and the smiles slowly return.

    One day it will go away. Believe it and it will.

    blogrolling you!

  2. Hi Imp’s Mom!! Thanks a lot for the blogroll 🙂
    Too many issues and the cynicism just grows and nothing but! I wish I could atleast fight everything out; thing is I don’t even know what is happening. My soon to be ex is filing everything in the US after having sent me to India supposedly on a vacation! I guess he is aiming for an uncontested divorce?!?

  3. Some men are total jerks! If I can say so, just give the divorce, I know its not easy, its easy advising… contesting is a pain, I am going through it.. this after discussing of getting a mutual consent divorce. These type of men just get off by harassing and feeling good about it.

    Hang in there, you have your son, who i’m sure brightens up your life..

  4. I just want him out…he is filing everything there in the US. I have no say whatsoever on it. I just wish it be over with and soon. He is harassing me by dilly dallying. God only knows what is in store next…what this guy is planning.

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