Boy!! oh! Boy!!!

I have written about how I used to get annoyed/amused at how people used to be surprised that I was conversant in English when I was back in the US.

Now, I am facing the reverse of that! There are people who come up and tell me now; “oh your English is good because you were in the US for a while!” No matter how much I tell them that all I did was cook & clean all those years, they seem to stick to their idea!

Another thing; I was told I have an American accent at times. Now, I don’t know if I really have one or whether others perceive that ….like how they think I learnt my english back in the US?!?!

Quiet time!

I pride myself in being able to be chirpy, talkative and full of energy making new friends, keeping the old ones. Today though, was  one of those days….when I have decided that I should be quiet – keep to myself…people around me also said I talk too much and that I could not keep quiet.

So, I have decided that from tomorrow onwards, I am not going to talk to anyone unless it is something vital. I have done this several times before…when I just went into my own shell; went about my work. so, gonna do that all over again 🙂

The garrulous me is going into hibernation 😉