Walking on landmines!

I guess I understand what that means now….I wish I could elaborate in detail; but just wanted to pen down what I am going through now.  Don’t really know what A and I have done to deserve this phase in our lives. I just want us to lead a peaceful life, me enjoying A’s growing years and giving him the best I can.

Wonder if I can, when there was a day when I could not even assure him and me of a proper roof above our heads!!! Keep thinking what I should have done differently…

Questions throng my mind with no answers anywhere!!! My fears of pulling A with me into the abyss haunts me every minute of the day!

This is my crib of the moment(?!)….hope it comes to a stop soon – one way or another.

One thought on “Walking on landmines!

  1. Been going thru your blog posts and have a little understanding of what you are going thru, possibly by virtue of being a woman. No,you have not dragged A into the abyss. If you had to leave him with your husband, it might have been a guilt point. But tagging him along in this matter is only to his advantage. He, at least, has one parent to him, entirely to him.
    Keep up your morale. You are one hell of a strong person.

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