Language of unspoken words!

Reading this entry in Laksh’s blog set me on this thought trail…the language of unspoken words. At the forging of a relationship, growth and end. I am pretty dumb at reading any of these signs. Maybe I could have realised what was coming if I did? Understanding those unspoken words must be an art to be learnt and mastered 🙂 I have heard of one book atleast – He is just not that into you is the title. Was not interested in picking it up at that juncture – thought world was fine. Just out of curiosity I would probably pick it up now – to tie up signs and learn to read between actions?!  Weird how my mind thinks sometimes!


3 thoughts on “Language of unspoken words!

  1. I do think it is a personality thing. I usually end up trying to read too much into another persons actions and words. Might be something I imbibed for better or worse from my mom.

  2. Well, each of us have our own way of reading signs and hidden actions – some are more perceptive than others. There is no right or wrong in this Apar.

  3. A-kay: Happy Birthday! was caught up with some work, hence did not wish u on the day 🙂 Sorry!

    Well, in response to both urs and Laksh’s comments; I seriously sometimes lack the skill and sometimes I overdo it even…when I do the latter, I hope I am doing the right thing!

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