After some thought!

I, as usual kept debating whether to write this up or not… well the result is obvious 🙂 Today was A’s first day at school. Got all things ready the previous night, tried and failed miserably at trying to get him to sleep early 😉 He woke up without a problem though; got ready and was all excited. I accompanied him on his school van; though was not allowed to attend school with him. So, waited out anxiously. A had started bawling when he had to let go and get in! I was worried sick about what he was upto. One of the teachers told me he was doing fine! 3 hours up; he came out and hugged me full of stories the top one being all other kids were crying!!! lol!!! Still getting bits and pieces of information of what he did inside. Getting the school to also settle…after all they have to take care of so many kids! 🙂 I just hope he realises this is going to be routine henceforth and this is not just a one day trip! I am really glad that he enjoyed his first day and I was there with him to share it. Start of his scholastic life! 🙂 – A milestone!