Just when things seemed fine…

A couple of days back I was thinking, alright things seem fine; just a few creases to be ironed out in my life (like the divorce 🙂 ) for sanity. The next day, my world is back to square 1. For various reasons, especially my stand not to compromise on the A being my priority has landed me in a place where I am looking for a job all over again.

One thing I realised in this experience is how people still think that work is only if you put in more than 8 hours even when not necessary; work saturdays and sundays! Don’t have a life outside of work; if you say you do, means you cannot handle the pressure at work! Living by the mantra that “work is life”! Something that I found even more weird is the meek acceptance of the above!

Once more I spoke my mind, stood by what I believed. I am sure I have not even made a small dent on any mind there. Just hope more people stand up and have a life out of work. Once more I conclude that this world is not for open, honest and straightforward people! 🙂

One small thing though, I made some really nice friends here also 🙂 Thanks to them, I had enjoyed the short time I had there.