Common thread :)

I was just reading random blogs and landed on this entry. Common thread is in many ways, it was Laksh who inspired me to blog.

What other things struck me? The feeling of making friends in the blogsphere. People you don’t know suddenly become pillars of strength even during testing times. The need for assurance through comments. Blogging most of the time seems to be a place to vent or share. When somebody reacts to what has been keyed in, it feels pretty reassuring.

Certain other things that struck me was how many of us have similar stories or experiences. Makes one feel that there is someone out there who might be going through something similar – good or bad 🙂

Here’s to all my blogsphere friends. Thanks Laksh to have inspired me and others like me to get going like this 😀 Hope I have happier moments to share with all.


4 thoughts on “Common thread :)

  1. You are right on the money. Its the comments and the assurances from people I do not know that makes my day. Am honored of course knowing I have been an inspiration ;D

  2. I agree with you about the friendships that we make through our blogs. When I started in Nov last year, I didn’t think that this was a possibility at all! I didn’t even think anyone would be reading what I wrote… (then, even I never use to visit and read other blogs…). How wrong I was!

    From what I can see, you are doing an excellent job! Keep writing …. and smiling 🙂

  3. apar..i am certain there will be great times…sometimes you have to deal with the stormy waters before you can sail easy. i know easier said than done…but i have felt the someone i love very much went thru a lot in their life….but now is in a much much better place..wish you the very best 🙂

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