Nostalgic :)

I am just remembering Ms Hamsa Ramdas (my high school principal). The quote that she often used when we were students “Nothing is impossible. Nothing is too late!”.  Been a while since I thought about the good old school days and for the past couple of days while chatting with old schoolmates, this quote came up each time!!

Made me kind of nostalgic about school and my principal. Golden words our teachers tell us that make more sense only when we grow up maybe?


One thought on “Nostalgic :)

  1. very true, many things make sense now. reminds of one of my teachers “aim to become doctor/engineer; then atleast you will become a barber’. apparently all prestigeous professions ended with ‘r’; she was saying’always aim high’
    thanks for bringing back the memories Apar, my teacher is no more though.

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