Since starting school, A has become very enthusiastic about going out and playing (as in more than usual). This evening, he went and was out playing with neighbourhood kids. As kids do, he fell down and scraped his knees. 😦 My parents were immediately all over him, doting him and asking me to take care of him. For all that it was a simple scrape…nothing great!

I was amazed to see my mother saying all this. She was always very caring when I fell down ..did all the necessary rituals 🙂 but I remember it was always so matter of fact. Like, well kids will be kids, they will fall down get hurt types. Here I was seeing my parents go ga-ga over A.

Guess when it comes to grandchildren…things are different 😉


4 thoughts on “Grandparents!

  1. yep! things are totally different. My dad has some amazing pens really old and lovely with him..i think it belonged to his grand-father. i have asked him many a times to let me use them..only for him to come up with some lame excuses! nephew asked my dad once..and here was my father not only letting him use it..but giving it to him for keeps….yes..when it is their grand-kids…it is totally different 🙂

  2. Rajitha: True…I remember my mother actually saying how her dad was treating me differently than how he treated her or my aunt while growing up! Seems he was the typical old fashioned dad of those times saying girls should not learn how to ride bicycles and it was he who taught me to ride mine, running behind me, cheering me and taking care of me after the numerous falls 🙂 Guess as parents, they have done their bit being strict and laying the rules; now as grandparents they want to enjoy the innocence & naughtiness of childhood, spoil the kids 🙂

  3. I can relate to this post. My parents are so different with my children, and it often suprises me. I tell myself that it is probably because they don’t see them often, living in different countries and all. But, in my heart I know that this is not the reason. I guess, grandparents have a different role with their grandchildren…. and the best thing is: I don’t think anyone is complaining 🙂

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