As I have written, I do check my horoscope now and then…this was for today

“As you seek solutions to tough questions, remember that hope will take you further than fear. There are always potential pitfalls to any plan, but a can-do attitude today has the power to overcome negativity. Ultimately, it is rather simple now: if you believe something is possible, then it is.”

As I have said earlier, there are days I believe in the authenticity of astrology and there are those I don’t. Though the above did not seem much like a prediction. It feels more like advice – very apt one right now. I was (am) crushed by a fear of losing something that I hold very close to heart right now. I so don’t want to lose what I have got. So, I am going to follow this; for a change, believe/ hope that I can. There might be some unknown reason keeping this particular aspect away from my life right now, I hope it is not for too long (Again – patience has never really been a virtue of mine!) . I do wonder what is wrong; wish I knew. Just that I miss one a lot and want it to be back to normal real soon.

I believe things will be fine. Hoping this really helps; because I am going mad and feel myself going into depression thinking of all this. So, will definitely get out of this slump; be happy!


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