PostSecret is one of the blogs I have blog rolled. I like the blog because of the candidness,honesty, and sometimes sheer nuttiness of the confessions that sometimes I wonder if they are true. However…..the one mentioned below…

struck a chord. There are so many times I wish I were dead and to be honest have contemplated  (and attempted!) suicide before A was born. Not since then though cos I made a promise that I would live for him. I keep every promise I make to myself or anyone else. Then you know what, I realise  that I have to live because I want to and to reflect on what this PostSecret says…because life is good.

I don’t think suicide is an act of cowardice. An attempt or more might be a cry to be noticed, cry for attention. The actual act may be the result of many things. There are many a times when I wish I had died. Times when I just want to give up and disappear. Don’t know what is ahead , or whether there is an after-life, judgement day, re-birth (that would be an entirely new entry may be) . The thought of just leaving all these troubles behind is pretty inviting;  when living day in day out with no end  to misery year after year.

In continuation of my previous post today….I hope I can truly relate to the picture and say “Life is good and I am glad to be alive with those who love me around me!”  The statement might sound selfish…but hey, that is just what I want. I wish Life is good! I never wanted it more than now!


3 thoughts on “PostSecret….

  1. it will get good apar…but..sometimes it takes it’s own sweet time..but it will get better…and tho taking one’s life may seem an easy route out of current problems..there is no gaurentee..the next life will be sweeter..might as well roll in with the punches and deal with it….take care btw.

  2. suicide is not cowradly. I agree. Some people just are not cut out to make it in this life. I, being one of them. It is an easy route..but sometimes it’s the only route.


  3. Rajitha: I am hoping it will get good. Thing is when you think of dying; it is not with guarantee about the next life or whatever. It is the release from the trauma now.
    Jane: I can relate to this. As many a times, I feel that too – there is no other route and you want to give up fighting in your life. I don’t really know about the predictions of a better life if we go through all trauma now; but it certainly feels good to wish all these troubles away – one way or the other!

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