Food for thought!

On coming across the life of Riley, I also came across this one. Now for all those compulsive bloggers, may be you all will mull over this!

Not me for a change. Not many would miss me on the blogosphere 😀 Honestly there are days when I wonder if anyone would miss me in the real world even. Morose thought, I know. We keep saying everyone is expendable. Is that really true? Then why do we have so many tributes or entries where someone is remembered? I have heard the pain dulls away but triggers bring all of it back.

I am a person who needs communication with all who I find near and dear. I am crazy about keeping in touch. A freeze on that is a punishment on me or so I feel. I also feel that when I try and keep in touch, I wonder if I am bugging the other one. Whatever the reason, please those who know me don’t freeze up on me or let me know the reasons!

Boy…can’t believe how my thoughts flowed in the entry!! Sorry…just typed as I thought.


I came across this blog in my surfing. RIP Ollie!

May you be an inspiration to all of us. To many of us like me who think we are way too old for something. Or when we are told that we are, we should have you as a wonderful example.